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The L.A. FC Barcelona Soccer Foundation 501(c)(3) was created to promote a social model that supports the achievement of social, cultural, and educational programs for underprivileged youth through our Soccer Academy KIDS OFF THE STREETS. These programs, on their own or as part of collaborations, allow us to fulfill our social commitment not only nationally but internationally as well.  In that spirit, the message must be clear, education is the gateway to their future.

The primary goal of the program is growth. Our experience thus far has shown the strong benefits of our unique program and the impact it has had for the youth we have served. Our vision is to continue to expand our programs, enabling our ability to reach more children across the community.

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The Sportsmanship Programs of our Foundation are designed to encourage sports activities that are more demanding in terms of moral education and self discipline among youths, therefore increasing positive social aspects more efficiently.

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Our program provides the opportunity for predominantly underprivileged elementary-age children to participate in an after-school soccer program at first class facilities in one of LA’s poorest communities under the guidance of professional soccer coaches.

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Sports teaches our youth that in order to succeed, they need to be unified and work as a team. This concept applies to all aspects of society. The aspects of respect, fellowship, fair play, and justice that our youths learn through sports activities encourage social cohesion and are in direct contrast with the discrimination of minorities.

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    In Los Angeles today, more than 25% of school-aged children are living below the poverty line. Creating opportunities for these children to rise above the cycle of poverty and achieve success in life represents a crucial need.